Why choose InfoKanal?

The mayor should think about the health of his citizens, protect and improve the environment in which they live. Know the opinions of the citizens and be able to choose the best solutions. The mayor should be able to listen and communicate. InfoKanal is here for you, Mr Mayor. Everything is quick and easy to manage.

We have created an effective communication tool for you

Today's fast times call for fast action. InfoKanal is there for you both in communication with citizens and in internal communication in your office. Thanks to the communication mix, you can reach almost everyone, wherever they are.
Simple, fast and reliable solution.
All available in one place, in one system.
They all know what they want and need to know.


We have been passing on our wealth of experience to you for thirty years. In the beginning there was a system that could only "send SMS". Gradually, the system grew based on the requirements of municipalities and cities and their users until today's form, which allows combining different communication channels, planning in time and targeted sending of information.
Today, InfoKanal is an effective communication tool used by over 600 municipalities and towns in the Czech Republic.
Fixed guaranteed connection to the networks of Czech mobile operators.
Sending speed 3 600 SMS/min.
Every customer has individual care with us 24/7.
Contact us, we will be happy to get in touch with you.