Provide citizens with up-to-date and targeted information

Today's information age citizens are constantly exposed to an onslaught of information, making it increasingly difficult for them to actively monitor what is happening around them. Local governments are looking for a comprehensive communication channel that combines all the possibilities of modern communication.
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Communication tool

Let your citizens know what's happening where they live, work, or where they like to spend time with their families. Thanks to the InfoKanal, they will always have up-to-date information that interests them at their fingertips.

For mayor

InfoKanal makes it easy to involve municipalities, towns, city districts, micro-regions, IZS regions, commercial partners of municipalities, schools, kindergartens, associations and, last but not least, citizens.

For citizen

We will help your citizens easily register for the InfoKanal. Citizens can choose what information they wish to receive and nothing will surprise them anymore.
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